5 Jobs for People Who Enjoy Art and Design

Advances in Information Technology have allowed for careers in the arts and design industry to flourish. However, some of the following careers have been around before the advent of Information Technology and the Internet. Here is a list of careers for people who are intrigued by arts and design.

Art Teacher

Once you got the skills and knowledge, there is always an opportunity to share what you’ve learned with the world. Art teachers have the knack to give future doodlers a few lessons. You can show others how to unleash their imagination.

There are different kinds of art teachers, ranging from pre-school teachers to university lecturers specialising in art history. There are many options to consider, depending on your interests and skills. These teachers normally just require a bachelor’s degree on top of an accredited teaching certificate.

Cake Decorator

Who doesn’t like cake? This profession is quite special in certain areas of the world, with cake decorators in demand where important weddings and occasions are the order of the day. High-class individuals and important individuals often hire these specialist professionals to design a cake worthy of a momentous occasion.

Cake decorators can whip up everything from multi-tiered wedding cakes to creations designed for birthday parties, corporate events, ceremonies, and more. Decorators who complete a course at a prestigious culinary school will attract higher-paying jobs.


Taking another look at the broad field of Information Technology, the career of an animator has drawn a considerable amount of attention over recent years. Students who decide to start a career in animation can develop cartoon characters, objects, and animated environments for a screenplay, video game development, and motion graphics for TV and film.

Animators will first and foremost need a talent for drawing as well as being equipped with 2D and 3D animation and design skills. Talented individuals can seek out courses and degrees at a reputable institution. A bachelor’s degree in computer graphics or multimedia studies will be useful.

Illustrator and Technical Illustrator

Illustrators design everything from sketches and technical drawings to glyphs and logos. Technical illustrators or scientific illustrators use the description of a product or service to create visual representations that are appealing to clients.

These professionals also draft schematics, charts, graphs, and diagrams that people will see in scientific or technical publications such as in user manuals or textbooks. These illustrators can go for a bachelor’s degree in illustration to land a job.

There are many more trending jobs like these to explore online for students interested in the arts and design industry.