How to Land an Interview as an Apprentice in Arts and Design

It is all fine and dandy to get an art and design qualification after years of incessant studying. But landing that special interview requires you to think on your feet, and you may need to go above and beyond to be successful.

Becoming an apprentice at a prestigious company is a great honour, and it will take some work to prepare for the day of the interview. Here is some advice for winning that apprenticeship.

Get More Involved with the Company

Individuals who desire to work for creative studios need to be aware of the social aspect thereof. Arts and design students who are geared up to apply for an apprenticeship can follow the tweets, blogs, and other social media posts of the company.

Equipping yourself with more knowledge about the company will make a great first impression by way of an introduction. Start by interacting with shared social media content to show an unconditional interest in the company.

Once you get invited for an interview, you can share all the knowledge you have acquired about the company and where exactly your interests lie, you will automatically stand out as a potential candidate for the apprenticeship.

One of the benefits of landing an apprenticeship in the creative industry is that you are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. There are lots of platforms online that can keep students informed of trending topics in the industry.

The trending information you have acquired will equip you with even more knowledge and skills to share during the interview.

Work on Your Confidence

A lack of confidence is never an attractive attribute, especially when sitting in for an interview. These days, not every apprenticeship opportunity is advertised on an online or traditional jobs board.

Once you talk with more people in the industry, it can give you a considerable boost in confidence before attending an interview. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook will help you interact with other designers to learn more about your respective industry.

Finally, it is important to be punctual. This shows that you want the job. Focus on telling the interviewer about your experience as a student and try to answer questions honestly and accurately. Ensure you understand a question before responding. Don’t be afraid to ask if you need to clarify questions.